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August, 2018

Jim Stoker did our homeowners inspection. He was prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable. He went through the entire house and took countless pictures. You can rest assured that after a Stoker Inspections review of your home there won't be any surprises. Thanks for the excellent work Jim!

Hector B.


Brooke, July 2018


Thank you Jim I received all the documents. It was a pleasure meeting you and I will be sure to recommend you in the future.


Jenna V., La Grange, Il   2-4-18

We recently had a condo inspected by Jim and it was a great experience
all around.  
He is extremely responsive and available to answer questions.  
We got a very comprehensive and detailed report, and Jim really knows
his stuff.  
We felt confident that, with his extensive background in building and
engineering, he brought a holistic perspective to the inspection process
from inside the unit to the bones of the building.  
It was a real pleasure to do business with him.


Garin, Sept. 2017

If you are thinking about buying a house in the Keys. Do yourself a 
favor and hire Jim to do your inspection. I am in the process of buying 
a home in Islamorada, and was looking for a inspector. One phone 
conversation was all it took for me to know that Jim was the man for the 
job. The report he did was extremely comprehensive. Jim's knowledge of 
engineering really helped with my piece of mind. Shortly after I 
received the report, hurricane Irma came along and pounded the Keys. I 
called Jim to see if he could do a post storm inspection for me. He was 
able to do it the next day, for a very reasonable price. The 
thoroughness of his work is beyond all of my expectations. The inclusion 
of "Jim's List" is a fantastic bonus. I am looking forward to meeting 
Jim when we get moved. I can't wait to shake his hand a buy him the cold 
and tasty beverage of his choice.



August, 2016

“Jim is the best inspector I have ever worked with and I have bought and sold many properties – I am a real estate agent myself. He is dedicated and will ensure that he delivers more than a quality product. It is clear he takes a lot of pride in his work and will go more than an extra mile to help you save money. He has saved us thousands by making recommendations and assisting us in providing required proof for updates to save on recurring insurance premiums – and of course to make our home safe from wind damage! It is refreshing to engage help from someone who cares.”

Margie C.



August, 2013

Jim, thanks again for the great and fast job.

Tim W.


June,  2014

Hi, Jim.  The closing went through today.  I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with our "fire drill" in regards to the closing.  I couldn't have done it without you.  Hope to meet you "in-person", in the future.  Have a GREAT 4th of July!

Jean J.


November,  2014

Thanks Jim, I got all three reports. It was a pleasure working with you. It's very rare to find someone who takes as much pride and joy in their work as you do. We'll have to find some time in the future to go out and haul in a few lunkers for the dinner table. Till' then, tight lines.

Thank you,

Dana M.


May,  2015

I have received the two inspections.  I do appreciate your timely execution of the inspections.  I will most likely contact in the future for advice as I address the structural issues.


Rod S.


June, 2015

Jim, thank you for your thorough inspection reports.  I have received them.

Looks like no major issues.

Ken M.


May, 2015

Jim the inspector was nice, friendly and on time. Did a very nice job,

Lacey  F.


June, 2015

Jim was absolutely wonderful. He rearranged his schedule so he could do our inspection on Sunday! The one day we would be in town. He was extremely professional and thorough as well as being just a nice guy. We highly recommend him!

Renee R.


January, 2015

EXCELLENT.  Jim Stoker is a master inspector.  A true professional. From the time he arrived he was friendly, informative and worked hard.  He was a former builder in Miami, so he knew his stuff inside, out and up on the roof.  He did not hesitate to check out anything in the house, leave anything unseen or unturned.  The best part for myself and my wife was how he showed everything TO you.  He took me on the roof.  He had me stick my head in the attic and invited me to crawl everywhere he went.  He pointed it out as we walked around, explained anything I was unsure of and then, then he gave it all in a GIANT report flush with pics, explanations and anything else we could have wanted.

Chad S.


June, 2015

Hi Jim, thank you again for all of your concerns and the extra steps you've gone through on our behalf in having our home looked at by your “Jim’s List” structural contacts.  I believe the spalling expert who came by and met with my dad was going to send you a written proposal/estimate for the work to be done.  Please forward that along to me as soon as he sends it your way so that we know what we are looking at in terms of cost.

Thank you!
Melissa M.


June, 2015

Hi Jim. Thank you for the referral.

Your report is an extremely good structural presentation.

As we discussed, the cracks in the concrete columns must be addressed for the safety of the structure.  We are available to do so.

Thanks again

James D. Marks, P.E., President
James D. Marks Associates, Inc.
Consulting Structural Engineers


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